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Helping senior leaders step out from the executive suite successfully

The Goldilocks Dilemma 

Senior leaders can step out too early, they can step out too lateGetting it just right isn't as easy as it might seem.

   The Succession Equation

The first half of the succession equation is helping people to get ready for a seat at the top table. Creating space at the top table is the second. It shouldn’t be left to chance.

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Top teams need movement. It’s healthy. New blood refreshes the team. Fresh faces bring new perspectives, new ideas and new energy. But before someone can step in, someone has to step out.


Organisations need to make sure that they have the right Stepping Out policies and practices to make stepping out a safe, fair and liberating experience.


Stepping Out from the Top Team is a specialist coaching practice that helps senior leaders step out from the executive suite successfully. Our collegiate of Stepping Out Coaches is made up of highly experienced, accredited, executive coaches.


We help organisations:

By providing Stepping Out Coaching—supporting senior executives as they think, plan and execute their journey from the executive suite to the exit door and on to new adventures. All our accredited coaches have been through their own stepping out journey, so they know the terrain well.

By assisting organisations to create, introduce and embed a Senior Stepping Out Policy with high quality supporting practices. Our advisers work with CHROs and their key stakeholders by sharing best practice and providing practical support and expert assistance.

By campaigning for change—challenging the old and outdated 3-stage career model ‘education — career — retirement’. We are part of a growing campaign to recognise multi-stage career models that better fit an emerging world where life expectancy is fast moving to 90 years and beyond.

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