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For the individual

Stepping Out Coaching

We help you to step out from the executive suite successfully.


No one remains at the top table forever. Inevitably, there comes a point when you need to start thinking about saying goodbye to your colleagues and the organisation. You don’t want to do it too early. You don’t want to do it too late. Getting it right can be tricky.


Stepping out is always a trade-off between what you give up and what you gain—and there is much to be gained. Stepping out can provide liberation from the things that are weighing you down and the liberation to take on new adventures.


Stepping Out Coaching provides a catalyst to help you think, plan and execute your departure and make preparations for what lies beyond. It is always personalised, confidential and tailored to your precise needs. The aim of coaching is to enable you to think clearly about your journey and the steps you will need to take to successfully exit the executive suite and move on to the new adventures that lie ahead.


Our coaching programmes are bespoke, based upon your precise needs—usually 3 - 9 x 1.5-hour sessions. Coaching conversations are underpinned by tailor-made exercises and materials that support and stimulate your thinking.  


By the end of your Stepping Out coaching programme you will have:

1. A clear, personal route map to take you from the top team to the adventures that lie beyond

2. Confidence in the decisions and choices you have made 

3. Resolved the issues and roadblocks that have been stopping you from stepping out at the right time

4. Made a plan of what you need to do/achieve before you exit, as well as a plan for what lies one-step-beyond


Selecting a Coach


Stepping Out coaches are fully accredited and have been through their own stepping out journey—so they know the terrain well. They can travel with you at every stage of the journey. Your Stepping Out Coach will be a great listener and supporter. S/he will offer suggestions and advice drawn from best practice and personal experience. Your coach will help you to structure your stepping out journey and provide the information, materials and exercises you need.


If you would like a conversation about Stepping Out Coaching please contact Oliver Johnston or any of our coaches.

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