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Every senior leader who steps into the executive suite has to, at some point, step out. It’s a natural law. Over time, inevitably, good senior executives reach a point where they need to start thinking and planning to say goodbye to their colleagues and the business. However, there’s a danger that they leave too early, or they leave too late. Both come with costly consequences for the business and the individual. Getting it right is important, yet it can be tricky.


Our services help make stepping out a positive, fair and liberating experience. As a result, it can:

  • Encourage Movement - every top team needs movement. It’s healthy. New blood refreshes the team, bringing new

       perspectives, new ideas and new energy. 

  • Support Succession Planning – most organisations only concentrate on one half the succession equation i.e. getting people

       ready to succeed. The missing half is making the space for those people to succeed into. Before someone steps in someone,

       usually, needs to step out. 

  • Make stepping out a positive experience for senior leaders

  • Create goodwill for the organisation - as a result of the personal support received, senior executives go on to become advocates

       and ambassadors for the organisation.

Stepping Out Coaching

Navigating the journey to the exit door and beyond can be daunting for senior leaders. It’s a process that involves self-discovery, deep thinking, the right planning and precise execution. Often, organisations leave people to go it alone, which makes little sense—for the individual and the organisation.

Stepping Out Coaching offers individuals the tailored support they need to prepare to exit successfully and go on to the new adventures that lie ahead.


Advisory Support

As well as providing Stepping Out Coaching, we can help you to create and introduce a Stepping Out Policy with high quality supporting practices.

Our advisory support can help you get it right:

  • Ensuring that every member of your top team understands that they are expected to leave at the right time

  • Making sure that your organisation promotes equal, non-discriminatory treatment

  • Introducing a process that necessitates and facilitates safe and purposeful conversations between the organisation and the individual

  • Providing support services, such as Stepping Out Coaching, to every member senior leader as and when required


Our advisory support service provides best practice advice and hands-on support to enable you to get your Senior Stepping Out and practices right.

If you would like a conversation about how we can help please contact Oliver Johnston or any of our coaches.

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