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Catherine Smith

Accredited Stepping-Out Coach

With an inquisitive and challenging style Catherine works in partnership with her clients to develop a successful and fulfilling coaching relationship. She has an ability to build rapport and empathy with clients to efficiently formulate strategies and development plans to achieve her client’s goals. With a focus on outcomes, Catherine is experienced in coaching methodologies that result in sustained behavioural change.

She combines her deep knowledge and experience of career management, leadership and outplacement to support her clients in exploring the sometimes very daunting task of “what next?”.

She has had the privilege of working with many senior leaders and executives across a diverse range of sectors including finance, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, technology, energy and manufacturing over the last 15 years which has given her great insights into the areas that her clients “don’t know they don’t know”..

Her style is described as both supportive and challenging. As a Member of the Association for Coaching her practice is underpinned by integrity, transparency and delivering results. Her coaching philosophy is based upon areas including Emotional Intelligence, Positive Psychology and finding Time to Think (Nancy Kline).

In her role as a Stepping Out coach Catherine helps her clients to discover their ‘purpose’ after the top job; to redefine their relationships both professionally and personally and to consider life as a ‘whole’ rather than siloed between work and home.

Following a successful corporate career spanning 20 years which culminated in a board position, Catherine now co-leads her coaching consultancy Equal Talent and is proud to support Pavilion Associates, a Stepping Out Partner.

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